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Everyone wants to have a well-manicured and attractive yard to come home to, but few have the time to put into maintaining. Keeping the equipment to do it yourself and do it right is an investment itself. But most landscape companies follow a policy of “more is better” – more landscapers, more heavy equipment, more revision to your landscape design, and more money out of your pocket. At Hal/Mark Inc., we provide a “personal touch” for your lawn maintenance- detailed mowing and trimming at an affordable price.

From barbecues to birthday parties, summer fun to holidays, we understand that your yard is where family happens. And it’s often said that an attractive yard makes friendly neighbors. Keeping your lawn ready for play and well manicured is now easier than ever when you have the low impact and low cost services of Hal/Mark Inc. Our small crew and maintenance only method, means home-of-the-month quality week after week. Our landscapers have been serving the Salem and the greater Willamette Valley area since 1980, Hal/Mark, Inc. Landscape maintenance is your yard-care solution. With residential and commercial clients across the region, our landscapers pride ourselves in our quality of work and customer care.

Relax In A Lawn Perfected By Hal/Mark, Inc. Landscape Maintenance, In Salem, Oregon!

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We Offer A Variety Of Services

  • Field mowing

  • IIHS Moss Control

  • Bark Dust & Mulches

  • Aerating

  • Thatching & Pruning

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Shrub & Hedge Trimming

  • Small Tree Trimming

  • Clean-ups

  • Ornamental & Turf Herbicide
    (weeds, unwanted grasses & blackberries)

Letter From The Owner

This letter is to thank you for trusting us with your landscape needs and becoming friends over the years. Also we want to remind you of all the services we offer beyond what we do for you now. The list below will remind you, so here we go…

  • Bark Dusting
  • Moss Control in lawns, beds, roofs, sidewalks, etc.
  • Apply lime to lawns to help keep moss out
  • Thatch Lawns
  • Aerate Lawns
  • Overseed Lawns
  • Pressure Wash driveways, sidewalks, houses, and fences
  • Prune fruit trees
  • Apply Herbicides
  • Clean Gutters

Contact us so we can give our discounted prices for our customers now under contract with us.

Make sure to call early because our list fills up fast and we want you to have the early spots on our list.

Mark C. Kemper


Hal/Mark Inc.

We Also Offer A 1 Year Landscape Maintenance Option.

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